Marvino is a small low-cost programable robot that allows you to learn in an easy and fun way.

Easily programmed

Marvino uses ARM® mbed™ to control its different characteristics. With mbed online compiler™ and its USB drag ‘n’ drop programming interface you don't need drivers or a programming application.

Great design, low cost

Marvino was carefully engineered to offer you the advantages of a robot in a low cost desktop version. Discover all its capabilities!

Personalise it

With multiple attachable sensors and actuators, coding will be more than fun! Create a line follower, control its different sensors... The limit is your imagination!

Learn and play

More than a toy, Marvino is a complete learning platform, bringing programming to a new level, allowing children and adults to enter the digital world in a simple and easy way. Get it now for 25GBP! (+ relevant taxes and shipping. Mbed not included).

Meet Marvino, a fully controllable low cost robot. Just plug it and start programming it!

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