About Us

FortiTo™ is a company that specialises in low-cost educational technology and gadgets. It was formed in Guanajuato, Mexico by Victor Zamudio a few years after graduating with a PhD in Computer Science from Essex University (UK). Currently the company is based in Mexico, with production manufactured in the UK and customers based in the USA. A truly international operation that arose fostered by the international make up of Essex University where around 45% of the students and staff come from overseas.

We all appreciate the power of education to transform lives for the better (as it has in our lives) and, apart from the sheer fun of being part of developing an entrepreneurial company our mission is, in part, to support the system that transformed our lives, hoping that others will be able to follow along the same path. In this way, apart from creating awesome educational technology, we aim to do this at prices that can be afforded on modest budgets. Our journey has begun and, if our technology or aspirations appeal to you, then we can only hope that our paths will soon cross.

The story of the name

DeepThoughtThe name FortiTo™ is the English phonetic pronunciation of the number 42. The founders of the company are big fans of the SciFi comedy book by Douglas Adams “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” in which a computer named Deep Thought calculated the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” which turned out to be 42!

Moreover, in this story, it also transpired that the earth was designed and built by an alien race who were most proud of  the Norwegian fjords which, in this fictional book, won numerous awards; fortito is Norwegian for 42 leading us to call the company FortiTo (pronounced 42).

Finally, one of the main characters in the story was a manically depressed robot ‘Marvin‘, inspiring us to call the first robot  ‘Marvino‘ (a Mexican flavour of ‘Marvin‘) .