Meet Marvino

 marvino6Marvino is a small low cost programmable robot that allows you to learn in an easy and fun way.

The current version of Marvino  supports the ARM® mbed™ and costs just £25. However, it requires you to plug in your own mbed™ to make it run. mbeds cost about £40 (making the total cost around £65) so, for those of you without your own mbed, we plan to produce a version that includes mbed circuitry in the Marvino platform, selling for about £40.

Programming your Marvino is supported through online drag ‘n’ drop compilers. For example, the ARM® mbed™ provides an online compiler which uses a USB connection to provide a drag ‘n’ drop programming interface, which allows different programs to be written without the need to own or purchase any programming tools.

Marvino was carefully engineered to provide a full featured robot but at an ultra low cost price (only £25, excluding the mbed, any taxes or P&P). The basic Marvino platform includes a multi-touch tactile arms, a light following sensor, programmable LED eyes and an audio transducer, coding. Marvinos can be expanded by adding functions via a range of plug-on peripherals through electronic hats and knee pads. These are listed on the product page and include additional sensors, such as the line follower or the infra-red proximity sensors. In this way, Marvino can be personalized by adding (or even making) peripherals and downloading or writing programs programs to make your Marvino function exactly how you like.

Additionally, if you have access to a 3D printer, you can create skins to give your Marvino a unique appearance. Later, we will add facilities to this website to enable you to share your designs. You will find that personalizing your Marvino is both easy, fun and a great way to learn:  the possibilities for your Marvino are limited only by your imagination!  Finally, at present, Marvino is available only in sample quantities; if you would like to buy a Marvino, email us your details and we will inform you when it goes on public sale.

Useful Information:

  1. Marvino Information Leaflet (coming soon).
  2. Marvino User Guide (coming soon)
  3. Marvino demo programs (coming soon)
  4. Marvino Video Clips (a YouTube video showing various clips of Marvino in action)
  5. St Paul’s College Student Video (a YouTube video showing project work by a St Paul’s College (Minneapolis, USA) student, Ben Carey – St Paul’s college use Marvino’s to support teaching computer programming)

Technical Specifications

Processor Module ARM® mbed™
Programming Tools On-line compiler
Physical Programming Interface Drag and Drop
Sensors Multi-Directional Tactile Arms and Light Following
Optional Sensors Line Follower and Infra-Red Proximity
Primary Expansion Bus I2C Hat Socket with 5V Supply
Recommended Batteries 2400mAh NiMH
Average Continuous Run Time Idle 5 Hours
Average Continuous Run Time in Motion 3 Hours
Average Power Consumption Idle 0.95 W
Average Power Consumption in Motion 1.7 W
Maximum Speed 0.4 m/s
Weight as Shipped 78 g (2.8 oz)
Weight with mbed and Batteries ~148 g (5.2 oz)
Height 92 mm (3.58”)
Width as Shipped 72 mm (2.83”)
Width ~100 mm (3.94”)
Depth as Shipped ~80 mm (3.15”)
Depth ~108 mm (4.25”)